Are You Missing the Boat?

Those of you who have a page on the LKDS web site, are you sharing it as well as your FB page? If not, you're missing a valuable opportunity! Let me explain . . . . 


Often, people who don't know you will not click on a FB kidney page because they're already inundated with donor requests. (There are over 600 people seeking kidney donors on FB.) Understandably, they tire of so many requests and begin to ignore them altogether. They will, however, sometimes click on an attractive outside link, especially one with a picture larger than what FB pages allow. Here's an example of the difference that sharing your LKDS web page can make:


D's page had been languishing on the LKDS site for 6 months until two days ago. He'd been sharing his FB page but hadn't been sharing his LKDS page on FB. I didn't learn until Tuesday night that it was because he didn't know how. I told him what to do, and in the past two days alone, he has had 52 opposed to only 4.5 per day last month. By sharing his LKDS page on FB for just two days, he has increased his average LKDS traffic nearly SIX times!


Don't overlook the value of sharing your LKDS page on FB. It's not enough to hope that someone will just happen by, and passively relying on search engines will bring very little traffic to your page. I hate to think of all those lost opportunities.


You have the opportunity to double the exposure you're getting with your FB page alone. Why not use it? If you need help, by all means, ask. And if you don't have an LKDS page, consider adding one. There's nothing I'd like more than to see you get outta that dialysis chair, off that list, and on with the life you long to live!


Suzanne Kloss

Living Kidney Donor Search