Each of the activities on the "Tools and Tips" site can be completed independently. However, it is recommended that you complete them in order, as each part builds upon the preceding one.

Chapter 1 - Article:  Why Facebook is Not Enough 

Chapter 2 - Podcast:  How Do You Ask for a Kidney?

Chapter 3 - Project:  Your 30-Second Story

Chapter 4 - Project:  Business Cards

Chapter 5 - Project:  Conversation Starters 

Chapter 6 - Article:  Scratch My Back, I'll Scratch Yours                                                                                    (or, How to Get New "Shares" on Facebook)

Chapter 7 - Project:  Flyers                                                                                                                                                                       - Tips for Making Flyers                                                                                                      - Ways to Use Flyers

Chapter 8 - Article:  Where to Look                                                                                                                            - Places of Worship

Chapter 9 - Article:  Are You Missing the Boat?